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Christopher Gavrilov
Christopher Gavrilov

The Picture 100 Home Girls Magazine NEW!

patty walked back into the library where a group of six 11- and 12-year-old girls had their heads bent over the stacks in the history department as they read the magazines they chose. the librarian, catherine, the other assistant school librarian, told patty about the girls and their mothers. patty sat down in a comfy chair, and the girls talked animatedly as they looked from patty to the magazines in their hands. catherine pointed out that if the girls were shy about what they were learning, or as catherine said, if the girls were bad readers like her, that was understandable. the reason she didnt comment is because she knew that once the girls realized they werent bad readers, they would be happy to pick up a book and read to patty. as the girls talked, patty noticed one of them pick up a pink magazine that held such promise to her; she was so determined to get it she practically snatched it. she set it aside, leaned back, and reflected on the girls and their mothers. it was the mothers fault theyre not good readers; theyre so busy with the kids they do not know how to help their kids develop strong reading skills.

The Picture 100 Home Girls Magazine

there are so many opportunities for middle-school children. in addition to music programs and art classes, patty finds herself overseeing a wide range of field trips, summer camps, and after-school activities. during a recent trip to the science department, patty discovers one of the girls who giggles and her mother have shared the same dream: they want to be a doctor. patty tries to question the mother on the girls dreams, as mothers are wont to do and the mother brushes her off, as mothers are wont to do, this being one of the ironies of the universe that patty has long since come to regard as a permanent feature. with that, the daughter-daughter duet is off.




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