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Christopher Gavrilov
Christopher Gavrilov

Tom Sawyer - South American

In a new fase, Tom Sawyer has developed his own record label SOUTHRECORDS.COM. First releases made it to the main charts in stores distributing underground electronic music, and top DJs laying hands on these tracks gave incredible support and great reviews. Also theres a new label exclusively for tom sawyers original work called ATSUORECORDS.COM. Coming soon, Tom Sawyer will release his fist mix compilation-artist album under his own record label; this compilation will include his own tracks, remixes and collaborations with local singers. The release will be made first in Latin America, then worldwide.

Tom Sawyer - South American

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The literary movement of the Mark Twain is Realism (1865-1900), specifically Regionalism. Realism is the largest and most important movement of the 19th century. It is a reaction, an attack against the romantic vision and sentimentality of life. The realistic writers did not believe in melodrama or love, and they portrayed life as objectively as possible. It also gave visibility to the unvoiced, such as women, black people, and immigrants. The most influential figure of this literary movement was William Dean Howells. Concerning Regionalism, rural communities are the centre of attention. As a consequence, the writers used the characteristic dialects of the southern areas very often. To name a few of the most prominent people in this literary movement, one of them was Kate Chopin, the author of numerous short stories, such as The Storm. 041b061a72




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