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Christopher Gavrilov
Christopher Gavrilov

WorldShift Rus 2008 Download ((FREE))

In this framework, the rise of Russia, a country which exports large quantities of oil and gas, controls the European provisions of energy and has had high increases in military expenditure in the last decade could represent another potential source of instability for the future world order. Russia has increased military spending by 16 per cent in real terms since 2008, including a 9.3 per cent increase in 2011 (Background Paper on Military Expenditures 5). Before 2008, it had increased its military expenditure by 160 per cent in a decade, (SIPRI, SIPRI Yearbook 2008 199), accounting for 86 per cent of the total increase of 162 per cent in military expenditure of Eastern Europe, the region of the world with the highest increment in military expenditure from 1998 to 2007 (SIPRI, SIPRI Yearbook 2008 177). Moreover, the control of the gas prices in Europe and the enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Central and Western Europe have already been causes of tension between Russia and the West. The possibility to exploit and supply a large amount of natural resources, the growth of its military power and divergences with the US in some foreign policy issues, such as the Iranian nuclear program or the status of Kosovo, indicate that the stability of the future multi-polar world could be seriously undermined by a resurgent Russia (Arbatov; Goldman; Trenin; Wallander).

WorldShift Rus 2008 Download

Until 2008, I was neutral about 2027. It was an interesting story, a possible future, a grey area in my interest in Human Design. When I looked at the emergence of the Solar Plexus Mutation and the Global Cycle changes of 2027, it became essential for me to look at the progression of changes that I could observe; I could not take the wholesale belief in prophecy on faith. When I began my experiment, I had to prove the validity of Strategy and Authority for my own life; and just the same, I have had to observe, and therefore prove, the validity of 2027 for myself as well. What has changed for me? What have I seen that points towards a coming mutation?




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