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Christopher Gavrilov
Christopher Gavrilov

Cipher Stealth Server: How to Get the Most Out of Your RGH/Jtag Console Online

3. Network connection obfuscationDetermine server name and port numberTo download an additional module from the command-and-control (C&C) server, Java.Cogyeka has to connect to it. However, it is difficult to successfully connect an existing server while also attempting to connect many fake servers. It takes a long time to download an additional module this way. The difficulty results from the complicated server name and port number.The C&C server's host name is made up of five to eight random letters and the randomly selected domain is based on a dynamic DNS. A random seed based on the time the malware is run is used to select the random letters. The domain is selected from 22 famous dynamic services by the same random seed used to obtain the random letters. The port number is also randomly generated by the same random seed. The seed number is based on a 64-bit integer.

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NegotiationThe protocol used to download an additional module is the original one, but it is obfuscated. The protocol will likely establish a secure connection because it uses a stream cipher created by a pseudo-random generator.

Downloading a moduleAfter a successful negotiation Java.Cogyeka downloads the settings, including the size of the module to download, but the settings are encrypted by the stream cipher. After obtaining the size, it downloads a module encrypted by the stream cipher. The settings include a hash value of the downloaded module. The malware can make sure the download is successful by using SHA-512.

Made with a purposeI discussed three obfuscation techniques used by Java.Cogyeka. The obfuscation techniques used by the malware are somewhat complicated, but the autorun.inf file in the malware should be easy to detect by security scanners. Part of the obfuscation technique used for the server name and port number is ineffective because of too much obfuscation. The streaming cipher may be effective against network-type security scanners. This obfuscation technique demonstrates that this malware was not created as a hobby, but instead, made with a specific purpose.

If security is a priority, additional configuration is recommended including: limiting the server to use a strong cipher/auth method and (optionally) limiting the set of enabled TLS ciphers to the newer ciphers. Starting from OpenVPN 2.4, the server and the client will automatically negotiate AES-256-GCM in TLS mode.

All data passing between your device and our VPN servers is encrypted using strong VPN and encryption ciphers protocols. Your internet provider, your government, and WiFi hackers cannot access your data.

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If you set the distribution mode to Hosted, configure the Hosted Cache Servers settings. You must add at least one hosted cache server for devices to download and upload content to and from.

The setup process is similar to the preceding prototypes, where instead Argon2 replaces key generation procedures: the user is asked to input their chosen password (which they are to memorise), the hash of which is then stored only on the port knocking server. In addition to memorising the password, with Crucible the user needs to know only the IP address on which to knock, and the command name to execute. In this manner, Crucible is stateless, whereby a user can download the client application, and perform port knocking, without needing access to secret keys or other parameters, i.e., following installation of a profile on the server, a client profile (as per previous prototypes) is not required.

Reconnaissance encompasses the methods an adversary can deploy in information gathering at the start of a campaign. The level of stealth a port knocking implementation provides may determine whether or not it is detected by an attacker conducting reconnaissance, and therefore stealth can decrease the likelihood that a port knocking server is exploited. An attacker performing reconnaissance activities could benefit from the following information, all of which could be made possible through detection of port knocking:

I would like to download some files from my server into my laptop, and the thing is that I want this communication to be as stealth and secure as it can be. So, far I came up using VPN, in that way I redirect the whole internet traffic of my laptop via my server. Additionally, I tried to send a file using ftp and observing Wireshark at the same time. The communication seems to be encrypted, however I would like also to encrypt the file itself (as a 2nd step security or something like that).

In the past, contact to PaperCut servers to check for updates, send error reports on user commands, or download news content was performed over regular HTTP. From version 17.2.3 forwards of PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF, all outbound contact is made using HTTPS, minimizing the risk of these communications being intercepted.

Some critics found fault with The Phantom Pain's structure, particularly during its second half. The requirement that players replay past missions to progress resulted in theories that they had been used in place of original envisioned content that had not been incorporated due to time constraints.[117][118] This assumption was supported by further evidence of removed content: shortly after the discovery of Episode 51, Facepunch forum users who had been extracting data from the game's PC version found evidence of another story chapter, titled "Chapter 3: Peace", that was not included in the final version.[118][119] The game's producer Kenichiro Imaizumi refused to comment on fans' enquiries,[120] while Metal Gear Solid community manager Robert Allen Peeler refuted the possibility of story downloadable content for The Phantom Pain.[121] Some fans theorized a link between Chapter 3 and Konami's "Nuclear Disarmament Event", which was opened shortly after launch with the goal of revealing a secret in the game once all in-game nuclear weapons that had been manufactured by players were disposed of;[122][123] a cutscene that would seemingly be released once the event had finished had been discovered by data miners some days after the game's release.[124][125] Robert Allen Peeler did not deny that further events may occur once the disarmament had concluded, but stated that "the simplest answer is... the correct one, no need to overthink it."[122][126] On February 2, 2018, the completion of the Nuclear Disarmament Event was triggered prematurely on the Steam version of the game, despite there being over 9000 player nukes in existence at the time, resulting in the release of the previously uncovered cutscene.[127] After investigation, Konami announced that this was the result of a technical error owing to the game's servers being sent incorrect values.[128] Similarly, the event would apparently go on to be achieved by players of the PlayStation 3 version of the game on July 27, 2020,[129] although in October 2020 Konami clarified this had been the work of a cheater.[130]

Attackers will often download a PowerShell script from an external web server to help maintain persistence or to invoke additional functionally on Windows machines. It is not common for internal computers to download PowerShell scripts over HTTP from an external web server, but in some rare cases software like Anti-Virus does perform this behavior.

A stealth virus usually enters the system via infected web links, malicious email attachments, third-party application downloads, etc. The virus tricks the system to get past an antivirus program using two primary methods:





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