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Christopher Gavrilov
Christopher Gavrilov

Full [PATCHED] Allway Sync 16.0.1 Pro

you could always start a private docker registry on your nextcloud server. this gives you a very safe level of control over the versioning of your docker images and also lets you build docker containers for your apps using your own script. we can use the script here: and adjust it to run in a cron job. for example: you can then add your pods to a private docker registry by running docker login, then docker tag freenas-pods docker run -dit pxzo/docker-zfs. the script works by converting your zfs snapshots to docker images and then pulling your containers from your private docker registry. it can be run as a cronjob either as a part of nextcloud cron or as a standalone. the snapshots of this docker-zfs image will be preserved for ever when you switch to a new docker-zfs image. the new image will just use the public docker registry. so if you want to use a different version of nextcloud, with a different version of docker, you can just tag the image with the latest versions of both. you can even build docker-zfs images from scratch using the dockerfile on the demo site. you will need to clone zfshunt down as the base image, change the links to point to the right places, then add your own storage and nextcloud tags

FULL Allway Sync 16.0.1 Pro


a friend of mine bought a pre-owned laptop. his case was a bit too big to fit into the current size of the x1c/d2c and this is not an option for nextcloud. he wanted to have an laptop to take away from his house and not worry about it for a while. to that end he bought an hp envy/2 15.6 laptop with a 0.75 screen, a 4gb ram, 128gb ssd and windows 10 and installed latest windows 10 pro on it. i use an actual seagate 1tb hdd for storage and only use the ssd for the boot drive. hes been using the laptop for a few weeks now and hes been a happy nextcloud user ever since. the laptop is coming up on 2 years old now and weve done several changes. first was adding the mini-display port cable we found at a garage sale. then we added a dust filter and a small projector. today we finally replaced the motherboard because of corrosion and also changed the dvd drive. the motherboard is now corsair xms5.25. to install our mac mini n+ was set to basic system administration control on the motherboard. the imac had been with us for over a year and a half when i purchased it. before that it was an x-fi amplifier. one day while the imac was set to receive email i noticed the email was going to a gmail account. i had been running the imac to collect email for close to a year. before that it was an android phone. it had been for a while before i realized it was running android. i had been using a desktop pc since i386. therefore the user had all their email on their pc. i had my email collected into a google account. the phone was collecting the same email i was collecting.




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